blog · python wharfee release · 2016-07-14 · Irina

Wharfee is a shell for Docker that can do autocompletion and syntax highlighting, as well as some useful shortcuts.

It is now more stable than ever, thanks to newly added integration tests.

New features in this release:

  • Added -f/--force flag to rm command.
  • Added --detach-keys option to attach command.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Fix exception in py3 when printing out pull output.
  • Fix exception in py3 when printing out logs output.
  • Fix exception in py2.6 when printing out rm output.
  • Fix bug in rm --all shortcut, which did not really remove stopped containers.
  • Fix bug in start, which was not called unless interactive flag was set.
  • Fix output of port command with no port mappings.
  • Handle exception in inspect when argument is not a container or image name.
  • run now uses pexpect to call external cli, because new version of docker-py was throwing "jack is incompatible with use of CloseNotifier in same ServeHTTP call".